The 6 Don’ts Of Writing A Seo-friendly Title

SEO is one of the tough but interesting parts in writing an article. You can see how you can control the way your article is going to be visible and enjoy the feeling of achieving something, though it is very small. You may know that SEO should begin from your article title; however, how to write a SEO-friendly title is not an easy thing to do in one or two days, it requires you to practise and practise. Though you may find the right keywords with as many searches as possible, still there are basic tips you should keep in

mind when it comes to write your article’s title.

Don’t #1: Don’t change the title once you have it published
After you have published your article, don’t change anything. When you change your article’s name, search engine has difficulties in finding it. So make sure to name the right title with its keywords before you publish it, or you will never see your article when hitting on that search button.

Don’t #2: Don’t write a general title but make it specific
The point is the more general your title is; the harder it can be listed on search engine page. Because the more general the title is, the more competitors it has to face. So make sure to have a deep looking into more specific title that you can name your article. By doing that, it is easier for your article to be on the top.

Don’t #3: Don’t duplicate content
You know that Google may penalize your article if it is duplicated. Make sure to

create different articles with the same content to publish on different websites. You can republish your articles only when you have made some little editing of their content, maybe the opening paragraph or the body paragraph.

Don’t #4: Don’t republish the article unless your former one has a firm position on Google ranking
You can republish your article, by that way you can earn more money; however, before you do that, make sure that your previous article has occupied a firm position on search engine. Otherwise, you will never see your previous one on google.

Don’t #5: Don’t write a title which has above one million competitors.
Your article can win the top position if the competitors’ number is under one million. If the number is above that one million, it is rather tough to climb to the top.
Always remember this: The fewer competitors your title has, the more chances your article gains the good ranking on search engine.

Don’t #6: Don’t choose keywords less than 1000 searches a month
Although your article may be on the first position of the first page of search engine, it is likely that you will get 1/5 of the traffic, so remember to choose keywords of 1000 searches to make sure you have about 200 visits a month.

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