Changing Your Destiny By Unlocking Your Limiting Beliefs

Often, you face something at somewhere in your walks of life. They can be good, or bad, whatsoever and they made some kinds of marks on your mind. Depending on how deep those marks might be in some place of your mind, they can eventually enter into your subconscious mind. Once they are in your subconscious mind, you are totally controlled by them unconsciously. If they are bad, they name themselves limiting beliefs. As a result, you have a different view of life compared to others. Everyone has his own point of views which is completely different from the others.

Changing your limiting beliefs means that you are changing your vision. With that being said, you are changing your future and destiny; also you are creating a new ‘you’ with unlimited potential. How promising it is, right?

Do you think that once these limiting beliefs have entered into your subconscious mind, there are nothing you can do to change them? No, never ever do you think so. When you are determined to overcome these limiting beliefs and consistent to your determination, you can do it, step by step. Here is how:

1- List out your limiting beliefs which you want to overcome

Write down all of your limiting beliefs which you want to overcome is the first step you should take. Of course, you can only write down limiting beliefs which are in your awareness. There are still limiting beliefs that you are not aware of, you can leave these ones later when you have completely overcomed limiting beliefs in your list.

2- Making self-affirmation everyday

Take about

15 or 30 minutes a day making your affirmation. In these affirmations do repeat your determination of changing your limiting beliefs. For examples, if you have limiting beliefs that you can’t earn a lot of money, make self-affirmation that you can make a lot of money as long as you know how. You should learn how to make a lot of money together with your self-affirmation, of course. Self-affirmation only has the effect of emphasizing and replacing your limiting beliefs by positive beliefs into your subconscious mind through repetition.

3- Showing proofs

It is not so easy to conceive your subconscious mind only by affirmations. Besides the fact that those affirmations that you enter into your mind must be strong and many enough, they should have related proofs. For example, when you conceive your subconscious mind that you can earn a lot of money and you really do, show it to your subconscious mind. Just tell it how much money you have earned in your everday affirmations.

4- Learning to see life from other point of view

Assuming that you are another person, and that person is rich, earn a lot of money. What do you see from his point of view? Try it.

Remember this: Don’t ever think that you can’t. Don’t ever think of quitting. Nothing is impossible as long as you want to make it!

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