Coping With Anger Improves Your Mental Health

Of all emotions, emotions of anger may be the worst one which can sweep you away, drives you crazy and damages your health. Learning to know how to coping with your anger can be hard at first time, but if you are consistent to stick with your plan, you are sure to gain a healthy life. After all, the emotion of anger is just a state of mind when it is full of negative emotions. Therefore, when you know how to control your negative emotions, you will totally cope with your anger.

1. Be positive whatever happens
Only when you

are in positive mood can you get rid of your anger anytime it appears. Usually, people with negative attitude have more situations to put them in angry mood than the others.

2. Making affirmation everyday
It is likely that once you let your anger grow, the other time the same thing happens. Therefore, making self-affirmation everyday confirms that you are not going to let these negative emotions happen again.

Also, this affirmation will gradually enter into your subconsciousness telling it that you want to be calm and peace. The subconsciousness will replace your consciousness of anger into the consciousness of calm time after time.

3. Take deep breathe
You are about to burst out your anger, be sure to take a deep breathe before letting it go. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed; the anger will automatically go away.

4. Write down your thoughts
Whenever someone makes you angry and you don’t want to let these negative emotions to burst out, write them down. While you are writing your anger down on paper, they really relieve you.

5. Scream
If your anger is so big, it is better of you to let it go by screaming out loud. Together with your scream, your anger disappears. By that way, that hateful anger can not harm your health, mentally and physically.

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