Overcoming Negative Thinking – How To Maintain A Healthy Life

Negative thinking is your whole life enemy which can hold you back from achieving success and happiness in life. How can you learn overcoming negative thinking? This article is here to help you get out from negative thinking and open up a new happy life.

Before you can defeat your enemies, it’s necessary to know who your enemy really is. Negative thoughts can be caused by four factors which you can easily identify and eliminate early from your thinking. By that way, your negative thinking will automatically stop.

Stop your justification
The first factor of negative thoughts is justification. Whatever happens,

you can also justify to yourself that you have the rights to be angry or upset for some reason. That is when your negative thinking has chance to grow and destroy you. As long as you can justify, your negative thoughts continue to develop inside of your mind and control you. This happens here and there, especially in the case when you are fired, it is often that you justify that you are the victim of this dismission, that it is your boss who does not know anything about your skill or qualification to fire you. When you can justify, you light up your anger, and make it grow bigger and bigger. This anger can grow to some degree and then it destroys you, make you out of control. This is really bad, because it is not only that you lose your job but also that you lose your control of your thinking which can lead to any thoughtless reaction. You are not wise at that time and you are stuck in your own grave. Instead of all that things, you have no justification for yourself, you consider your situation and get yourself busy finding a new job. Who knows if your new job will be better than the old one?

Refuse to rationalize and make excuses
The second cause of negative thoughts is rationalization. It means that when you face a problem, you rationalize some acceptable cause or explanation for your problem, just in order to not feel bad about it. However, the reality is opposite, the more you rationalize, the worse you feel. Rationalization is just the same as justification only makes you more pitiful in your own thinking. You can then act like you are a victim of some crime that has caused your problem or trouble without being calm and self-controlled to solve your problem. This only hurts your soul, not anybody.

Rise above the opinions of others
Sometimes it is easy for your thoughts to be controlled by what other people think or say about you. Remember not to let this happen. Because the truth is that you are what you are, who you are no matter how good or

bad people can talk about you. Just think about it, you are going to be a thief if someone says so? Of course not, right?

Blaming others for your problems
People have the habits of blaming any trouble they face for the others, they are afraid to admit their mistakes or failure. Make sure you don’t. It is easy to blame any problems for others but you surely do not feel any better to do so. This kind of thing only makes you blind in the mist to recognize what to learn from this experience. Instead of that, honestly admitting your mistakes help you to look straight to your problem and lead you to some ways possible to solve the problem rather than you waste your time finding some reasons to blaming on others.

There are certainly many methods of overcoming negative thinking, following are some of the most effective methods you can apply to gradually diminish and sweep away the negative thinking in you

I am responsible for whatever happens to me
Always make affirmation to yourself “I am responsible” for whatever happens to you. This not only makes you more responsible for your life but also push your emotional feeling up.

Stop blaming others
No one is responsible for your problem and they should not be blamed on your trouble. If you can change your thought into this positive one, whenever you face a problem, your negative thoughts will automatically disappear without your consciousness.

Control your emotions
Thoughts as well as emotions are just a temporary state of your mind, therefore you can control them. You can make them your slave rather than being a slave yourself to these negative emotions. There is something you can do to better control your negative emotions and thoughts by doing some exercise or strengthen your mental health one day at a time.

You are what you are and it is you who decide and choose what to be
Whatever happens, there is only you who are responsible for your life. It is your life, so you can choose what to do and what not to do. You have the rights to make necessary changes in order to adjust your life into the way that most fit your liking. Whatever obstacles or problems you face on your long journey to happiness, remember that there is somewhere when you make your own decision that leads you to this moment, not anyone, and it is reasonable that you are responsible for what are going to happen.

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