Subconscious Belief – Is That We Are Who We Think We Are?

Belief is something we consider it to be true and never question back. These beliefs have the power of lifting us up as well as sinking us down by their influences on our behavior. However, how can these beliefs can actually take control on our life and perform the person who we want to be?

Our subconscious mind
Back to when we are born; our brain is just a blank paper which can be written anything, good or bad, by the only subject: we. Then our belief system is slowly built up by the influences we unconsciously receive from our

surrounding environment. Gradually this belief system comes into our subconscious mind which has a very large impact on how our coming reality would be. The truth is that our subconscious mind decides everything that will happen to us. If our belief about something is strong enough for it to get into our subconscious mind shaping our subconscious belief system, that something is likely to come true in some time down the road. It may be something vague to accept that our subconscious mind is the key to everything going to happen; however, that’s how our brain works. In fact, our subconscious mind just plays an intermediary role in the process of how the universe goes. When something like our belief is as solid and clear

as it should be, it finds its way to our subconscious mind. Then our subconscious mind transfers this information to the head of the universe, superconscious mind which will finish the remaining task.

Super-conscious mind
Super-consciousness is like the universal consciousness which knows everything and has the unlimited power. It controls everything in this universe through its law which is also called law of attraction. This law of attraction creates around us an environment in which we will accidentally meet and make friends with those who we want to be. Besides, this law of attraction also brings to us opportunities for which we can achieve what we believe we can accomplish. In short, by some means or other, the super-conscious mind through using its law of attraction will help us achieve what we truly believe we can get or who we believe we can become. In that way, our belief system really makes important effects on how our life would be. This means we can change the way our life goes by changing our subconscious belief system. It is for the good sake of our better life, we should build for ourselves a positively and solidly subconscious belief system from which we have a firm foundation to seeking for such a successful life.

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