Overcoming Laziness: Sounds Difficult Yet Easy

Whether it is temporary laziness or chronic laziness, it can definitely hold you back from achieving your goals and success. Learning how to overcoming laziness may sounds difficult to you at first time; however, as long as you grasp the rules of the game, you can successfully overcome your laziness. Actually, laziness is not a big deal or a sin for that you may feel ashamed and therefore discouraged. Laziness is simply a state of mind when your brain is just over-stressed, bored, tired or barely a matter of your life
orientation. You should find down the root cause of your problem rather than sitting there and tormenting yourself. Hereís how you can overcome laziness forever and keep walking your enjoyable life 1/. The root cause of your laziness There are always reasons to your laziness including unreasonable or reasonable ones. You may feel lazy because of your priority setting, your focus on something, your targeted goals, losing direction or merely due to your behavior of pampering yourself. When you feel lazy and donít want to do anything, just ask yourself what makes you lazy, why you are lazy? You may then surprise to figure out that you have so many reasons defending for your laziness. Write it all down and scratch out any reason you find unreasonable. Letís take a closer approach into these below situations: a/. Your priority setting There are times when you feel lazy to do your housework, maybe just a small duty like tidying up your floor or cleaning your kitchen. You guess that work may take a lot of time and you have not enough time to write or to do research on something you are interested in. This is not laziness yet your set priorities. If you think your home is on the top of your priorities, you will know what to do but not wondering of finishing your writing or research first and then your home. And as the result of your lacking time, you assume that you are lazy to do your housework. So next time when you face this situation, make sure you set the right priorities. b/. Keep yourself staying on course of accomplishing your targeted goals Every now and then, although you have set up your own plan of life, you have clearly pointed out your targeted goals and objectives, you still get distracting. Believe it or not, this distraction can cause your laziness when you are hanging around with troubles coming from your thoughts. These troubles may come from your discouragement of how to achieve those hard goals or simply because you feel not confident in yourself when you look around other successful people. The result coming obviously is that you feel daunting and a bit lazy as a consequence of not knowing where to go and what to do. Remember this: human are kinds of easily losing their ways once they are not sure of those ways. If you are not sure of your chosen road, you should both make right affirmation and write down as clearly as possible every step you may take to reach your targeted goal. It is not easy to keep yourself on right track but actually you can do it with your solid will and strong discipline. You are who you are and you should believe in your abilities rather
than look around and feel worried about those which have not happened. c/. Take a serious focus on anything you do Sometimes, you get involved in your laziness because you are failed to force yourself focus. For instance, you are supposed to do some research and write a social piece for next monthís issue of your magazine. Somehow, you stumble across an amazing website showing some fancy dresses. You are easily drowned in those seducing dresses and you miss your deadline. This is not lazy, but is unfocused. Maybe you are a little of pampering yourself as well as lacking of focus. Of course it is not your fault for not taking focus on your work; however, if you fall in this situation, just ask yourself: ďdo you really love your job?Ē If you love your job and love the way you are doing your job, nothing can drive you from focusing on it. d/. Do not pampering yourself Again, there are times you refuse to do your duties and enjoy yourself with a thrilling movie on Star Movies Channel. Itís not lazy; itís your pampering to ruin yourself and your targeted goals. In order to overcome those negative thoughts which may repeatedly happen once you make them your bad habits, you need strong discipline. Whenever you are about to do something against your benefits indicating in your plan, asking yourself what would you have in return to exchange your one-minute satisfaction for your whole life success. The truth is that everybody loves enjoying those wasting time entertainments, but have you ever put them all on a scale? You may feel happy when you watch the film, and then what? Time flies by and you forget the film, again you get engaged in another film. Is it that you are born just to watch one film by another? Look at your life, what have you got besides those ridiculous films haunting on your mind? In contrast, if you are following your plan with your firm will, who knows how far you will get in about ten or twenty years later? 2/. Find something motivate you When you have evaluated any root causes that may guide you to your laziness, it will be painless for you to overcome it; however, itís always easier said than done. You may then need the recipe of motivating yourself. Simply put, this recipe is finding something or someone to be your source of motivation. You can take your spouse, your mother, your children or plainly your desired position in your job as your motivation sources. Whenever you feel lazy, think of these motivations. What would your children think about you as their mothers or fathers if they find whatever you are lazy doing you try to force them to do? Whoever you are, itís for sure that you absolutely find for yourself a source of motivation. 3/. Consider your situation Those above tips are for you to completely overcome your laziness to build a better life and form a positively healthy life style. However, there are times when you are exhausted and need some relaxation, it would not kill anyone if you can allow yourself enjoy a reasonable laziness as long as that laziness wonít destroy your plan or timetable. Itís very wise of you to leave out one or two hour or just an amount of time to enjoy yourself in your plan. And you are free to be lazy the way you want in this time, maybe you can call it lazy time. By this way, there is no reason that you can let yourself lazy at another time out of this lazy time.

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